My hobbies

Do you enjoy something? I`m sure you do… Every person has something that they enjoy and fulfil, but not every person does it. It`s quite a shame. Some people don`t have time for their hobbies and that`s bad. Everyone should make time for what they enjoy at any cost… And speaking of hobbies, how about we discuss people`s hobbies in a little more detail? It`s not a bad idea at all, and maybe this article will inspire you to do something.


Target shooting
I have enjoyed shooting range Praha ever since I first saw my grandfather shoot at a target. Over time, I started going to the shooting range and improving myself in what I enjoy so much. And over time I shot quite professionally and I`m quite proud of myself.

Women especially like cooking. But that doesn`t mean that men can`t be good cooks, too. Exactly opposite. In any case, cooking is also a hobby in which one must improve, as in any hobby. I really like to cook and during the time that I have my daughter Sofinka, I started cooking and I started to enjoy it quite a bit. I started with simpler dishes such as chicken with paprika, then I even tried my favourite traditional dish, sirloin. And strangely enough, I have to brag, because from this moment on, I became more and more successful in cooking meals that I would like. So, I was happy about that.


Stay in nature
Someone likes to spend their free time in nature. And I`m not even surprised. You can relax in nature. I also used to go to the forest with my mother and sister to pick mushrooms and I had a lot of fun. But it was interesting that I enjoyed looking for mushrooms, but I didn`t want to eat them anymore. I don`t really like mushrooms. But for example, I would easily have a fried egg now. And I still remember how I cooked it before, and it`s been many years… But I still can`t forget it like it was yesterday.